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Mindset Learn Xtra Supplementary School is designed to give you the very best in Grade 12 exam revision support. Each day between 09h00 and 18h00, we focus on 2 subjects where we work through past paper questions and take your questions LIVE on-air. 

You can also get all the notes and videos for each differnt exam from the links below.

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Supplementary School 2014
Join Mindset Supplementary School From the 26th January to 27th March 2014

TV - Schedule

Week 1: (26 Jan - 01 Feb)

Week 2: (02 Feb - 08 Feb)

Week 3: (09 Feb - 15 Feb)

Week 4: (16 Feb - 22 Feb)

Week 5: (23 Feb - 01 Mar)

Week 6: (02 Mar - 08 Mar)

Week 7: (09 Mar - 15 Mar)

Week 8: (16 Mar - 22 Mar)

Week 9: (23 Mar - 29 Mar)