Synonyms and Antonyms

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In this lesson, a limited number of examples is given to demonstrate how prefixes can be used to form antonyms. Stop the tape and ask learners to come up with at least one more example of how the following prefixes can be used to create antonyms: in- mis-, un-, non- and dis-. Prior to watching this video, ask learners to write a one page description of an event they were involved in during the previous week. After watching the lesson, ask learners to underline any words in their description that were described as “overused” words in the lesson. Get learners to re-draft their compositions, focusing on replacing overused words with livelier equivalents. It would be useful for learners to have access to a thesaurus to complete this task. However, you should stress that the longest alternative listed in the thesaurus is not always the most appropriate in the context.
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