Reading Opinions and Editorials

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This lesson develops the idea of objective and subjective writing even further and puts it into a more serious context – that of the political and social sphere. In the course of the lesson learners are introduced to different types of expressions of opinion and are given advice on how to express an opinion in a way that is constructive. The lesson makes a point of discussing the right to express an opinion as well as the responsibility to respect the opinions and choices of others. The lesson also deals with the role of the press in a free society. Many of the issues dealt with in this lesson centre around the rights and responsibilities of free speech. As an introduction to this lesson, or after viewing it, you may want to ask your learners to debate some of the following topics: Should newspapers publish viewpoints which others may find offensive? Should the government have the right to censor the press? Is it ever acceptable to publish articles that are racist or sexist?
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