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Letters to the Newspapers


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Lesson six continues the themes started in lesson five, this time extending the right to express oneself to the public. Through an interview with the letters editor, learners are informed about the subject matter of letters that are published. Learners are also given advice on how they can express personal opinions on matters that are important to them in a way that is non-offensive and constructive. Once again, the role of the press as a forum for debate and discussion is emphasised. After you have shown this letter to the class, you may want to ask learners to write a letter to the editor about something that they feel strongly about. You could then mail these letters to a newspaper for possible publication. This activity will provide learners with an opportunity to ensure that their letters fulfil the criteria given in the lesson, they will also be given a chance to express their views with a genuine purpose, and an opportunity to produce a piece of writing that can be included in their writing portfolios.
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