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Win with Learn Xtra

Your future is as bright as you would like it to be. Getting the dream career you’ve always wanted is certainly within your reach.  All you need is a spark of enthusiasm and a partner to help you reach the stars.

Tuning into Learn Xtra will give you access to a world of expert teachers that are ready to help you build your knowledge and guide you through challenging subject topics as well as providing essential exam tips to empower you.

Mindset has also developed a range of Teacher in your Pocket workbooks where expert teachers present lessons on your mobile device while you work through the book.  Our number 1 goal is to help you pass your Grade 12 exams with flying colours. So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to enter the Learn with LearnXtra competition now and you could be one of the lucky ones to win weekly Sony Xperia V cellphone giveaways or a fly Chevy Spark L in the main draw.

Good luck.


Be a winner with Learn Xtra! With weekly Sony Xperia V cellphone giveaways or a fly Chevy Spark L up for grabs in the main draw, all you need to do is to enter your details. CLICK HERE to enter the competition. It’s that easy!
Passing Grade 12 with flying colours has never been so easy. Mindset’s Teacher in your Pocket workbooks incorporates QR codes that provide access to expert teaching on your mobile or computer - it's like having a teacher with you all the time. Get it at Mindset Shop, SPAR, Takealot or CNA


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