Grade 11 Maths Literacy Lessons

Video Description
Lesson 1: Graphs
In this lesson on Graphs we focus drawing graphs, interpreting graphs, simultaneous equations as well as profit, loss and breakeven.
Lesson 2: Measuring
In this lesson on Measuring we identify the principles of measurement. We recall units used for measuring length, mass, volume, temperature, time and speed. We identify appropriate units for measuring different things. We convert units of measurement for the metric and imperial systems. We measure time using different units. Finally, we calculate speed using the given formula.
Lesson 3: Financial Maths
In this lesson on Financial Maths we focus on income, expenses and profit, cost and selling price, percentage profit as well as profit margin.
Lesson 4: Interest
In this lesson we take a look at interest - simple interest and compound interest as well as consider key x-ample questions and x-ercises.
Lesson 5: Banking and Inflation
In this lesson on Banking and Inflation we identify the different types of bank accounts. We perform calculations involving simple and compound interest. Finally, we define and calculate the effect of inflation.
Lesson 6: Ratio, Proportion and Rate
In this lesson we take a look at the definition of ratio, proportion and rates as well as consider examples of rates.
Lesson 7: Mapwork
In this lesson on Mapwork we focus on direction in maps, grids and grid reference as well as map scales.
Lesson 8: Rate of Change
In this lesson we take a look at ratio revision, rate, speed, distance and time as well as consider other examples of rate of change.
Lesson 9: Measurements in 2D and 3D
In this lesson we focus on measurement in 2D and 3D as well as perimeter, area, surface area and volume.
Lesson 10: Percentage in Context
In this lesson we take a look at x-ample questions and x-ercises relating to percentage in context.
Lesson 11: Probability
In this lesson on Probability we consider the following: Calculating probability, ways to calculate the number of outcomes, kinds of events as well as replacing or not replacing.
Lesson 12: Graphing Problems
In this lesson we consider Graphing Problems and take a look at bar graphs, histograms, pie charts as well as line graphs.
Lesson 13: Data Representation I
In this lesson on Data Representation we introduce data representation as well as discuss organising the data and displaying data.
Lesson 14: Data Representation II
In this lesson on Data Representation we take a look at analysing data, measures of central tendency as well as measures of spread.
Lesson 15: Solving Real World Problems
In this lesson we practise solving real world problems that may involve applying your knowledge from different learning outcomes. You need to develop the skills necessary to solve these types of problems to do well in Paper 2 of the examination.
Lesson 16: Preparing for Paper 1
In this lesson we focus on skills you will need to complete a paper 1 examination.
Lesson 17: Preparing for Paper 2
In this lesson we focus on skills you will need to complete a paper 2 examination.