Grade 10 Maths Lesson

In these grade10 maths lesson we cover all the essentials, provide helpful summaries of all the crucial concepts, tackle really useful worked examples as well as prepare you for what you can expect in tests and exams! 

We are here to help you achieve your best! So each 90 minute video lesson is accompanied by a super useful Xsheet giving summary notes of the topic. So what are you waiting for?


Video Description
Lesson 1: Algebraic Expressions
In this lesson on Algebraic Expressions we focus on the following: multiplying a binomial by a trinomial, factorising trinomials, factorising the difference and sums of two cubes, factorising by grouping in pairs as well as simplifying, adding and subtracting algebraic fractions with denominators of cubes.
Lesson 2: Exponents
In this lesson on Exponents we focus on simplifying expressions using the laws of exponents for rational exponents as well as solving exponential equations.
Lesson 3: Number and Number Patterns
In this lesson on Numbers and Number Patters we focus on the following: Understanding that real numbers can be irrational or rational, establishing between which two integers a given simple surd lies, rounding real numbers to an appropriate degree of accuracy as well as investigating number patterns.
Lesson 4: Linear and Quadratic Equations
In this lesson we consider the following: Linear equations, quadratic equations and linear simultaneous equations.
Lesson 5: Solving Equations and Inequalities
In this lesson on Solving Equations and Inequalities we focus on the following: Literal equations, linear inequalities as well as problems.
Lesson 6: Introduction to Trigonometry
In this lesson we introduce Trigonometry and focus on the following: Definitions of trigonometric ratios in right angled triangles, how to derive and use values of the trigonometric ratios with and without a calculator as well as 2D trigonometry.
Lesson 7: Defining Trig Ratios on the Cartesian Plane
In this lesson on defining ratios we focus on the following: reciprocal of trig ratios, the cartesian plane, the CAST diagram as well as special angles.
Lesson 8: Trig Functions
In this lesson on Trigonometric Functions we focus on: Graphs of trig functions, properties of graphs as well as transformations.
Lesson 9: Functions
In this lesson on Functions we focus on definitions of functions, graphs of functions, sketching graphs, finding equations as well as combinations of graphs.
Lesson 10: Eucildean Geometry
In this lesson on Euclidean Geometry we focus on: Classifying angles, parallel and transversal lines, classifying triangles, properties of triangles, relationships between angles, congruency, similarity, pythagoras, the mid-point theorem as well as properties of quadrilaterals.
Lesson 11: Analytical Geometry
In this lesson on Analytical Geometry we focus on: the cartesian plane; distance between points, straight lines, the gradient of a line segment, the equation of a straight line as well as parallel and perpendicular lines.
Lesson 12: Finance
In this lesson on Financial Maths we focus on: Simple interest, compound interest, applications of interest as well as exchange rates.
Lesson 13: Statistics
In this lesson on Statistics we focus on collecting, organising and representing data. We also take a look at measures of central tendency as well as measures of dispersion.
Lesson 14: Measurement
In this lesson on Measurement we focus on surface area and volume and consider the effect of volume and surface area when multiplying any dimension by a constant factor k.
Lesson 15: Probability
In this lesson on Probability we compare the relative frequency of an experimental outcome with the theoretical probability of the outcome. We also use Venn diagrams as an aid to solving probability problems and consider mutually exclusive events as well as complementary events.